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Welcome to EC.I AS

To ease the everyday life and make comfort for persons suffering from urinary incontinence was the aim when EC.I improved the process of connecting a catheter or external catheter. The developed medical device makes the operation more efficient and ensures the outcome - easier, faster and less unpleasant.

NEW!!!! EC.input

- Easy Connection Input -

The first product introduced by EC.I is a medical device increasing the efficiency of connection a catheter or external catheter to a drainage bag.


The new medical device is:


Quality of life in focus

The business concept is to develop innovative facilities for persons physically challenged, contributing to maintained quality of life.


Academic aspect 2 - Air in the bag
Underpressure in the urinary bag
Increase in efficiency of the treatment of UTI

Video User's Guide

Finger grip when using EC.Input



This video shows the original way to connect urine bag to uridom. This is how it has been done in all years - and so is done today too. This is the reality for many patients and carers today, but also for relatives. Here it clearly shows how hard work this really is. There are many who recognize this situation ... But after watching this movie, you can watch the video that shows how easy and efficient it can be done - with Ecinput ...

... so easily you can connect urine bag to uridom using Ecinput. A big difference from what you see in the video that shows the original way to connect ...

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