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Product benefits

Benefits by using EC.input

  • EC.input contributes to a secure, quick and easy procedure for correct connection of drainage bag to catheter or external catheter.
  • The methode cause less discomfort for both utilizer and care assistant - the procedure is completed in 20 seconds!
  •  EC.input bring enhanced security. Easier everyday routines encourage social involvement.
  • EC.input reduces the need for change of clothes, wash, nursing and skin/wound treatment.

"EC.I AS will improve quality of life for individuals."

  • The major problem when using drainage bag is leakage. EC.input contributes to a secure, quick and easy procedure for correct coupling up.
  • Employing the medical device both user and care assistant are spared for mental and physical strain. The assembly is executed quickly and exactly resulting in no leakage.
  • The drainage bag user will feel more comfortable and secure, and may more likely wish for participating in social activities.
  • The care assistant utilize limited time better. Fewer leakages reduces the need for change of clothes, laundry and nursing.
  • A procedure traditionally taking 2 to 5 minutes is with the new medical device completed in approximately 20 seconds.

Patent number: "Norway 333062"

"US Patent 9,216,500"


Easy, quick and correct

The drainage bag is plugged easily, quickly and correctly in the catheter or external catheter. Employment of the medical device involve proper assembling of the bag, and leak caused by weak coupling or obstruction of free flow is avoided. Consequently the risk for skin and wound pain is reduced.

Enhanced quality of life

The qualitative consequences of fewer leaks improve the user's perception of quality of life. The feeling of security enables initiativ for social involvement and an active lifestyle.
Fewer embarrasing situations and less need for nursing are contributing factors to improve the users dignity.
Adopting the new methode more users will be enabled to make use of catheter or  external catheter.
Savings related to consumption of time and material ought to be emphasized in addition to personal advantages.

Less physical and mental strain

Health personnel may perform better service and make the experience less unpleasant for the user. The care assistant is less exposed for injuries caused by hard continual pushing and twisting. Cut in leaks result in fewer changes. Shorter and infrequent intimate situations reduces the mental strain for both user and care assistant.


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