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Inspired by a desire to help a closely related to maintain the quality of life Geir Hoelsæter developed EC.input.

Based on know-how about equipment used in traditional craftmanship the founder and manager Geir Hoelsæter has developed a medical device.

Available functionality is transferred and adjusted in order to combine experience and practical thought in developing facilities for people functionally disabled. These creative solutions make the basis for a new business, with the vision "to improve the quality of life for individuals".



Leak of urine - a challenge for several individuals

In Norway 500.000 people suffer from some kind of leakage. Problems due to incontinence are tabooed and connected to shame, lack of self-check and suppression. The taboo influences both health personnel and the persons affected. Fearing leakages people with incontinence remain at home, consequently with reduced freedom and loss of adequate life possibilities.

Different diagnosis cause various practical challenges in the everyday life. Suitable solutions are essential for vital welfare and keeping a proper style of life.

Quality of life is the main key word for EC.Is activities. We wish for most people to live active and meaningful lives.



EC.input is supported by the Norwegian public institution for innovation (Innovasjon Norge)!

EC.I pursue quality and environmental issues

We demand certification in accordance with ISO-standards from all our partners and suppliers.

  • Quality System Standard / ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System Standard / ISO 14001




The organization


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