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EC.input is a medical device ensuring and improving the methode of connecting a drainage bag to a external catheter or catheter. Traditionally the procedure involves 2 to 5 minutes intense pushing and twisting. By using this new device the coupling is executed in approximately 20 seconds. In addition, the coupling is performed correctly and leaks are minimized.


The following illustrations demonstrate correct use of EC.input for external catheter, step by step:

For use with catheter, please notice the instructions/comments after step 11.


Step 1

Place part 1 of EC.input (green in the illustration) in the external catheter. A collar on the underside stops the medical device in the right position by the edge of the external catheter.


Step 2

Put part 2 of EC.input (blue in the illustration) in part 1. The two parts are placed together in the external catheter.


Step 3

Temporarily correct position of the device.


Step 4 - 5

Rotate part 2 in proportion 180 degrees to part 1.
The parts are now opposite placed.
This is the initial position for step 6.



Step 6

Guide the nipple (in the end of the bags tube) between part 1 and 2 of the medical device.


Step 7 - 8

Push the nipple in place. The ring on the nipple shall meet the edge of the external catheter.



Step 9

Pull out part 2 av EC.input in a straight direction.


Step 10

Pull out part 1 of EC.input likewise part 2.


Step 11

Correct coupling of nipple on tube to external catheter.


  Using EC.input with catheter

 Avkobling/bytte av urinpose

A: Connecting the bag

It is recommended to stop the insertion a few millimeters before the tip of the device touch bottom of the catheter. Consequently, ignore the collar on part 1 (The collar is used when inserting in a external catheter.)

B: Uncoupling/exchange of drainage bag

When the nipple has been set over time the silicon may have deformed from the shape of the nipple, and therefore is difficult to pull out.
EC.input can be utilized to ease the uncoupling.
Insert the two parts between nipple and catheter (like step 7). This will loosen the nipple and bring it out of position.
The medical device is still placed in the catheter and prepared for new insertion of nipple/drainage bag.


Download complete User instructions


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